En viktig del av Fauna Eksperimentet er våre erfarne og dyktige mentorer som bistår bedriftene i sin utvikling.

Jørn Bergeland - Ennox Technology

This batch is a true lighthouse for the green shift

Marius Sandvik - Bay Capital

It’s strange that it’s taken us this long to see a product like Healthy Eats, offering wholesome food for the busy. Nonetheless, the timing now seems to be just perfect.

Arild Austigard - Futurum Utvikling

We are now well aware that energy efficiency improvements alone won’t sufficiently cut our Co2 emissions. We will also need carbon capture solutions like Trefadder that can contribute to a carbon negative development.

Eivind Engeland Olsen - Nysnø

It will be exiting to follow Empowers scaling strategy, we are witnessing a recycling-revolution that will reorganize many of today’s linear business models.

Tore Gjedebo - InvesTore

The green transition can only be achieved through better data for  tomorrows decision makers. Surplus Map communicate existing and new data intuitively. Enabling more efficient use of resources and significantly reduce energy wast.

Tore Hovda - SEKAL

The time for pen and paper is long gone, the restaurant industry is riper than ever for a digital revolution, a process Total Ctrl seems to handle with mastery.




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